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Getting the absolute best performance out of your system and games isn\'t rocket science, but it can sure be tough to figure out. Razer Game Booster is your simple yet powerful solution! With a click of a button, it will automatically enhance the state of your system and focus all its resources purely for gaming, allowing you to zone in on your game the way it\'s supposed to be played without wasting time searching online for the best game settings or configurations.

Game Mode:

This feature focuses in on your game by temporarily shutting down unnecessary functions and applications, putting all your resources purely for gaming, allowing you to zone in on your game the way it\'s supposed to be played without wasting time on settings or configurations. Pick your game, click on the launch button and let us do the rest to reduce stress on your computer and improve frames per second.

Configure Settings
Worried about what programs are being temporarily shut down? Click on configure, to see what processes are being temporarily shut down. Feel free to take control and decide what runs and closes. To assist you, this mode provides you with details of your PC, from how much memory the processes and services are taking up to the percentage of CPU usage each program consumes. It\'s time to free up some space for your games!

Stay calm and keep cool
Integrated at the bottom of the launcher screen is a temperature monitor to make sure you can keep an eye on your PC overheating.

Calibrate Mode:

Simplify the process of setting up your PC\'s performance by conveniently providing you with the option to Tweak, Defrag, or update any outdated drivers.

Don\'t know where to start to optimize your computer and gaming settings?

Download and use it now: Razer Game Booster

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Size: 20.15 MB

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Price: Free

Downloads last week: 102

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows

Publisher: Razer Inc

Release Date: 2012-09-19